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Mr. Ronilo Violanta, the project leader of the TECHNICOM-funded project “Enhancing the Commercialization of Biogroe™ Technology”, together with his team from the UPLB BIOTECH, facilitated a special training session for the local farmers of Mulanay last November 10, 2014, in coordination with the MAO and participation of members from Rural Improvement Clubs of Mulanay, Individual Farmers and Cooperatives. The TECHNICOM Program Unit was represented by Ms. Nora P. Gumia, Chief Science Research Specialist, and Ms. Jena Kristia A. Florendo, Science Research Specialist II for the monitoring of the project.


In her welcome and opening remarks, Ms. Marissa Cortez, OIC of the MAO hopes that the training would increase the awareness of their local farmers on locally-developed agricultural inputs. She encouraged all the attendees to participate in the discussion and apply their new-found knowledge particularly on farming techniques and technologies.



Dr. Maria Leonora Sison from UPLB BIOTECH, presented the Nitroplus which is a microbial inoculant used for legumes and cowpea for increased production yield. Nitroplus contains Rhizobium sp, a bacterium that forms nodules on the roots of the plants and fixes nitrogen in the air, hence increasing the plant’s growth and yield. Using Nitroplus reduces the  fertilizer loading needed by the plant. Likewise, nitrogen in the soil is conserved for other crops.

Mr. Jose Arnel Reyes, also from UPLB BIOTECH, presented the BioGroe which is also a microbial inoculant containing plant growth promoting  bacteria (PGPB) that increases the yield of vegetables, sugarcane, rice, and other high-value crops. The attendees actively participated in the discussion and their questions regarding the shelf-life, costs, storage, health hazards and others were sufficiently addressed by Mr. Ronilo Violanta and Ms. Alodia Sutare.

Ms. Gumia explained the rationale of TECHNICOM Program as a DOST-directed program that funds Research and Development (R&D) projects geared towards market-readiness and commercialization of locally-developed technologies. She also shared other TAPI Programs and Services which the Cooperatives and the LGU can avail such as Livelihood Programs, Technology Forums, etc. Ultimately, Ms. Gumia expressed her gratitude to all participants and lecturers particularly to LGU Mulanay for its active support in the implementation of DOST projects and initiatives.



The group proceeded to Brgy. Bagupaye, Mulanay,  Quezon  for the actual demonstration on the use of Nitroplus and Biogroe. The half hectare land area will be used as demo farm for mungbean and white corn. The BIOTECH team gave a demonstration on the actual application of BioGroe.  Mr. Linar Pereda, representing the LGU of Mulanay, expressed their commitment to facilitate the planting of crops and management of the demo farm. (Jena Kristia A. Florendo)